Add a little bubbly to the day with a ION bottleless sparkling water cooler.

The ION Sparkling bottleless water cooler is an innovative office appliance that easily replaces all that plastic and aluminum can waste in your company. No matter what your thirst demands, the ION sparkling water dispenser can easily transform regular flat tap water into deliciously cold and bubbly beverages. In addition, the exclusive FiberTek™ filter removes a wide range of contaminants, so any office of any size can enjoy unlimited refreshments.

  • Hot, cold, ambient, & sparkling water options.
  • On-demand chilling technology produces 8 gallons of ice-cold water per hour
  • Touch screen navigation panel.
  • Closed water system reduces airborne contaminants.
  • Energy-saving mode saves 30% energy.
A black bottleless Water Cooler.

ION – It’s a Bubbly Good Time

The ION Sparkling bottleless water cooler puts a little fizzy fun in your day!

A black bottleless Water Cooler.

Our Most Popular Bottleless Water Coolers

Pure, clean, & refreshing: The way office water should be.

Why Go Bottleless?

Bottleless water coolers aren’t just a healthier alternative — They’re a smarter one. Our bottleless water technology ensures pure hydration is always an option in your office. But it also eliminates many of your office woes when it comes to clean drinking water.

Man drinking fresh purified water

Water Purification

Access to clean, refreshing drinking water keeps employees motivated and hydrated.

A modern office lounge and waiting area.

Space Savers

Bottleless water coolers free up storage rooms and floor space – no more heavy water jugs!

A woman holding a glass of water

State-of-the-Art Filtration

Eliminate harmful chemicals and sediment from the drinking water in your office.

A man filling glass of water from the dispenser.

Endless Options

Enjoy an array of beverage options at all temperatures, including ambient, hot, and ice cold. We even offer sparkling!

water delivery person


No more waiting on the water delivery supplier or running out of water at the office!

plastic bottles crushed

Ditch plastic

By switching to a bottleless water cooler you are eliminating the need for plastic bottles in the office.

W9 Bottleless Water Cooler

Employ the best drinking water on the planet in your office today!

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