Brewery Pretreatment Systems

Better water means better beer!

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Pre-engineered water pretreatment systems

Pure Water Technology offers pre-engineered fully assembled brewery pretreatment systems.

Our pre-engineered systems are available as skid mounted which comes pre-plumbed in Schedule 80 PVC with inlets/outlets terminated in 4 bolt flanges for easy connection by your local plumbing contractor.

Systems are pressure tested and shipped to your door fully assembled. All models come standard with flow control and monitoring. Inlet/outlet pressure gauges provide a visual indicator of filter condition. Flow control is employed to guarantee the maximum GPM is not exceeded. Digital gallon totalizers can isolate brewing water usage from the rest of the facility to provide confirmation that the systems capabilities and performance have not been comprised.

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Skid Mount: 15 GPM, 30 GPM, 45 GPM and 60 GPM

Better water means better beer!

Pure Water Technology offers pre-engineered turnkey brewery water pretreatment systems. Fully welded aluminum skid protects the filtration tanks from accidental damage. Each system is delivered fully assembled.

Water inlet/outlets are terminated in 1″ flanges and are ready for easy four-bolt connection to a water source and your brew house.

30 GPM Brewery Treatment
  • Pre-plumed in industrial-grade Schedule 80 PVC.
  • Filters are housed in 8″ x 40″ fiberglass tanks.
  • Convenient top-loading design facilitates filter changes in less than 5 minutes.
  • Filters have an integrated lifting handle. for easy removal
  • Inlet/outlet pressure gauges for each filter display filter performance.

  • Dual gradient sediment filter with 20-micron string wound exterior and a 50-micron melt blown polyester core.
  • Each 3 micron carbon filter can de-chlorinate 250,000 gal at 15 GPM.
  • Multiple carbon filters can be plumed in parallel for higher flowrates.
  • Aluminum wall mount panel for instrumentation and flow control.

Custom water pretreatment & purification systems

Pure Water Technology designs and builds custom water pretreatment, purification and disinfection systems for the craft brewing industry. Each system is designed to the individual customer’s specifications and needs. Every system is preassembled and skid-mounted and can be shipped anywhere in North America. All inlet/outlet connections are terminated with 4 bolt flanges for easy connection by your local plumbing contractor or facilities department.

Our capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Custom chlorine and chloramine removal
  • Custom reverse osmosis systems with integrated pretreatment for stripping problem water
  • Ultraviolet light and ozone disinfection and sanitization
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750-1500-GPD-ROBrewery Water Treatment

750 – 1,500 GPD RO

1800 - 21600 GPD Brewery Water Treatment System

1,800 – 21,600 GDP RO

30000-180000-GPD-RO Brewery Water Treatment

30,000 – 180,000 GDP RO

Industries We Serve

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commercial offices

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